Friday, October 01, 2021

Day 34

That's how time is measured these days.  Today is 34 days since Hurricane Ida turned our world upside down. I could probably write a short novel on everything that has happened here.  I have so many pictures and so many stories forever burned into memory.  It's been an unreal experience.  I wish I could say things were back to normal, but that won't be the case for a long while.  Some areas still do not have electricity or running water.  Can you imagine 34 days with no utilities??  We went 6 days with no water.  13 days with no power.  33 days without Internet.  

I'm not sure what was/is shown on the national news since we were off the grid for a while.  It seems New Orleans got a lot of attention??  Believe me when I say New Orleans is FINE.  I don't know if people realize the scale of what happened here. This was our Katrina. It's here, the bayou parishes, that took the hit. During those first few weeks, our basic infrastructure was zero.  No power anywhere, no running water.  No way to wash clothes or dishes. No stores open, no restaurants, no medical services at all.  No where to buy food.  No pharmacies, no gas stations, etc.  With one hundred percent of the area on generators, gas was extremely scarce.  (Kudos to the businesses that opened out of dire necessity.)  No internet means cash only, no ATMs working because of the same reasons. Banks closed. No access to money.  Not a single working traffic light. That cell phone we all love - useless with collapsed towers.  It's just an endless domino effect that you don't think about until it's all gone. 

Things are not okay for many here in Lafourche and Terrebonne.  The further south you travel the worse it is.  Currently, here in Houma, LA, everywhere you go there's just piles and piles of debris.  Endless blue rooftops.  Broken trees and and collapsed buildings.  Pictures just don't capture the feeling of seeing it all around you.  It just sends my anxiety into high gear so I mostly just stay home. 

Just around my small neighborhood: 

School is supposed to resume October 4 after being closed for 5 weeks. Hoping for a sense of normalcy!!!  Please!!!  Thankfully our high school is mostly okay but several schools in the area are not.  Some cannot reopen at all.  This is the elementary school my kids went to a short 3 minute drive away: 


We are doing okay.  I'm so thankful we still have a home and are able to stay in it.  Our house took a beating but it's still standing.  I'm so thankful for all the help we had!!  I'm so thankful we had a generator.  So thankful we thought ahead to buy a window unit air conditioner and a dehumidifier!!  Thankful for donations of food and water!!  And MREs!  I'm so glad my bedroom ceiling held and didn't cave!!  Even though it's ruined and will have to be gutted, it didn't cave in on my bed. I was able to save my mattress because it was covered with a mattress protector.  The rest of the water spots all over the house can be fixed.  We were able to get our roof covered fairly quickly.  Clint went into the attic and scraped out all the insulation.  Thankful for blown in insulation and not the rolled pink stuff because that would have stayed wet and heavy and the ceiling would have fell.  We ran the dehumidifer and dried everything out so there's no mold.  Now our first priority is a new roof, which we are leaning towards just paying out of pocket to get it done.  We still have small leaks. Insurance companies are overwhelmed and backlogged with thousands of claims so it's going to be quite a while before ours is handled.  As for the inside repairs, well... no one shows or they don't call back.  Everybody local is booked for months. 5-6 months and longer.  All you can do is get on as many contractor's lists as possible and wait for one of them to get to you.  Nothing anyone can do but wait....  

August 28, 2021.  The day before: 

September 1, 2021.  After: 

all my landscaping/trees were stripped to nothing


  1. My friend,
    I am so sorry to see the damage to your beautiful home. And to your entire neighborhood. I cannot believe the destruction. I will continue to pray for you all.

    1. Thank you, Billie Jo. <3 We will be okay but it's going to take lots of time.

  2. Oh wow!! We certainly didn't see this on any news channels here in Phoenix!! What a disaster! I can't imagine so many days without water/power/Internet! Wise for the preparedness you did with the A/C and dehumidifier, but what a shame about the damage to your home and yard! I can see why insurance companies would be swamped and overwhelmed with all the claims coming through. The area could probably use a lot of people coming from other areas to help rebuild. What a mess! Sorry you and yours, as well as so many, have been having to deal with it for SUCH A LONG TIME!! I do hope school can resume on Monday. Your poor girls. Last year "sucked" with Covid and now this year with the hurricane. High school is supposed to be so much different than the experiences they have been having these past 2 years!!

    (I'm not blogging right now and my blog is private since I'm not blogging, but I do check my reader list and I was wondering how you were doing). Keep sharing as you can and I'll definitely be reading/commenting on your posts.

    Hang in there!! I hope each day brings more of a touch of normalcy back into your lives!


    1. Thanks, Betty. We are slammed with "storm chasers." Parking lots are full of campers and tents with out of towners. Many were walking neighborhoods going door to door early on. I'm leery of hiring anyone from out of town because once they are gone, you will never see them again. If there's anything wrong, they'll never come back to fix it.

  3. I'm just so very sorry for you guys and your town. I've been wondering how things were going; it must feel so daunting and endless. Sending prayers and virtual hugs your way. This is never easy, but this too shall pass. XO

  4. Oh my gosh how awful for all of you! I can't imagine! My thoughts and prayers are with you.