Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Ack ~ I'm so behind!!  I've really been slacking on the blogger front.  I will be around to check in with all of you soon. We have been SO busy, which I guess is a good thing.  

Marching band season ended with a bang.  Their final performance at District Marching Festival was one of the best yet. Check out the coolest 'wave effect' ever.  Wind prevented them from doing it at all the other marching events, so it was their last chance and the weather was finally perfect. The show was entitled "Voices of Atlantis" so they were underwater.  

Valerie also auditioned for Senior High Honor band and got 6th chair!  Not bad over all. She also made it through and qualified for the second round of All-State Honor band auditions.  The second round is in January and I think she has a good shot at finally making it this year.  Fingers crossed.  

Meanwhile, Veronica is auditioning for the same in choir next week.  I'm sure she will make District Honor choir, but All-State Honor Choir is tough to get in to.  The audition song is in latin and is SO hard!  Her whole choir class is such chaos.  The long time choir director just up and quit, so the replacement is a general music teacher and cannot sing.  She's doing the best she can teaching music theory, but she is totally lost on anything vocal related. 

In a crazy series of back to back events...   my dryer went out.  The water heater went out.  Clint's truck battery exploded under the hood.  Then his transmission went out.  It took weeks to fix because the Ford dealership couldn't get the part with the microchip in it.  Hoping that's the end of the broken stuff for a while.  

Hurricane recovery is on-going.  There's still a lot of places closed and some just aren't coming back at all.  It would have been a good time to go dumpster diving with all the stores that threw everything away!!  Even one off the Walmarts threw their ENTIRE inventory in dumpsters.  FEMA has finally showed up and there are FEMA trailers everywhere.  Debris trucks are making the rounds but it's slow going.  I still have my fence and a tree sitting by the road in front of my house.  This is what the trucks look like.  The driver sits in the chair in the middle and operates the claw and drops the debris in the truck.  They're like giant 'claw' games.  They are huge!

And Y'ALL!!!!!  I SAVED MOST OF MY CEILINGS!!!!  I was looking at painting them since the sheetrock was just stained with water marks and not sagging or anything.  I really didn't want to rip all of that out if there was another way.  I ran across some suggestions - kiltz, then paint, etc.  A suggestion to try before painting if you had white ceilings was to mix bleach and water and to lightly mist the water spots.  It worked!!!!!!!!   My bedroom ceiling is likely too far gone, but I saved us so much time, aggravation, and money in the rest of the house. Y'all have no idea how excited I was when this worked.  


Sprayed with bleach/water:

It dried and the spot disappeared!!!  

Let there be lights!  Our Christmas light show is definitely happening.  We could not do Halloween because we were waiting on our roof replacement.  So many people asked about Christmas, so we've spent the last couple of weeks setting everything up. We left the lights off the gables because of the missing siding, but the rest of the lights are set up and almost ready to go.  

Time has just passed me by and it doesn't feel like November at all.  Thanksgiving is going to be just the four of us and pretty low key.  I'm cooking a ham, turkey, and all the trimmings because that's what you're supposed to do, right?  It definitely doesn't feel like a holiday.  The kids are helping me a little bit in the kitchen today.  School's break was cut short due to all the time they missed, so they only have 3 days off instead of the whole week. 

 Enjoy your day and make lots of memories with your families.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!  


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Glad the "show will go on" with your lights!! Wow with all the things that decided to break at the same time! Not fun at all! Enjoyed the performance with the marching band! Congrats to Valerie for getting 6th chair! WTG to Veronica for auditioning! Not sure I could even attempt Latin, no matter how much schooling!

    Great job of fixing the ceiling you could fix!!

    Thanksgiving dinner sounds like it will be delicious!! Low key ones can be pretty great too!! Being all together and surviving what you have all survived for the past 2 years are great things to be thankful for!!

    So much to be thankful for and I know you all are!!


  2. Good luck to both of your daughters in their endeavors! Looks like your hurricane recovery is coming along well. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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  4. Glad you saved most of your ceilings.

    I enjoyed the performance with the marching band.

    Happy Wednesday, Mel!

  5. Happy belated Thanksgiving! I'm so happy to see an update. Yay for band and moving on with life for the sake of everyone's sanity. YAY for cleaning and saving so many ceilings.

    I think it was three months after Irma that our debris was picked up from in front of our house; felt like forever.

    Keep up your great spirits!