Monday, November 01, 2021


I don't know where September or October went.  It's usually one of my favorite times of year but these past months are just a blur.  Halloween was really low key.  I barely set out any of my inside decorations.  Clint managed to put up a last minute small light show just for Trick-or-treating.  None of us had a real costume for the first time in years!  We did squeeze in several spooky movie nights throughout the month so there's that.  (And yes, my kids might be too old for trick or treating but they went anyway!)

On a different note:

Progress!!!  We had a new roof installed on October 18.  That's as far as we have gotten with repairs.  Most contractors are so busy and have months long waiting lists.  I don't want just anyone to do it because I want it done right the first time. We will get to the sheetrock and fence eventually.  We don't have to worry about the roof leaking any longer so the rest can wait.

School opened back up October 4.  The kids have so much time to make up after being out for five weeks.  The calendar was adjusted, so most holiday breaks will be very short. School will go into the summer also.  It is what it is at this point and at least our high school was able to open.

Marching band!!!  Yay band!!  Valerie has been working super hard.  The entire marching show had to be re-written once again due to time constraints. It was paired down to the bare minimum because there was just no time to learn it.  Plus, a lot of families are displaced or have left the area so the band lost a few members.  This past weekend they travelled to McNeese State University in Lake Charles, LA for their first marching competition in two years.  They stole the show.  Even with all the setbacks and everything that has happened here, they took home Grand Champions and "best of" in a whole bunch of other categories.  Maybe they got the sympathy vote - who knows!  But these kids have lost so much and needed something good to happen. 



Veronica's just as busy and keeping me busy.  Her dancing school opened back up last week.  She's rehearsing after school to audition for All-State Honor Choir. She also signed up for Performing Arts Club (drama club) and should find out what part she will get in the spring play any day now. 

So it will still be a long while before things are completely normal again, BUT I am so happy we have a good bit of "normal life" happening!!   

Hope you all are doing well....  I'll be around to catch up soon.  


  1. I'm glad that things are slowly returning to normal for you guys1 It's been a long few months!

  2. I was so happy to see you here today! I was literally just thinking about you. SO glad things are returning to some normalcy. And you are never too old to Trick or Treat!!! Have a cozy evening.

  3. Congrats to Valerie's band for doing so well!!! Glad to hear you got a new roof!! You have a great attitude for waiting for the other repairs. I'd be "chomping at the bit" to get everything done NOW :)

    Good for Valerie and Veronica going trick or treating! We had more teens last night for trick/treating than we did in years past. And they had some of the most unique costumes too!

    Glad to hear that school is back in though making up the time is going to be a killer especially as it goes on into summer. We had a teacher strike one year when my kids were in school and the kids missed 18 days. It was grueling to make it up with Saturday school and not having spring break, etc. But it got done and it will get done for your girls' school years. We can only hope next year will be a normal one all ways around!!!


  4. I like your witch shirt, Mellie. I've always thought that kids were never too old to go trick-or-treating. So glad for you that you got a new roof installed. Veronica sounds like she's keeping busy with school and dance and band. Your house is charming. I like the brick on the front of the house.

    I hope these November days brings you many pleasant surprises, Mellie.


  5. I'm so happy to see this update from you. YAY for your roof. That is a big deal. I love your t-shirt and the girls look cute and happy. I'm glad they're back in school and moving on with activities.
    Take care!